Prosper202. Tracking Pixel and SubIDs in Cake?

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So I have setup my campaign and am at the final step. Placing my tracking pixel. I get my code like so...

<img height="1" width="1" border="0" style="display: none;" src="" />

Now the affiliate network I am working with for this operates on Cake, so i can add in a variety of tokens to pass information back. #s1#, #price#, etc.

Do I need to though for that data to aggregate in my tracking stats? Or does 202 already have the data it needs to display all this stuff? If not, what format do I need to alter the pixel source to?

Also, when I get my php code for the redirect cloak. the outbound refresh goes to, if I want to ensure that is 100% secure and not leaking referrers, do i just edit that to https:// and call it a day, or is there another step in the chain that routes things out through SSL after the redirect.php loads?
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