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by Jaxi
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BUDGET: $10,000 USD

Hey Guys, Jonas Here.

So, for the past year or so i've been doing PPD VERY successfully, and have now reached a point where i no longer have the motivation or feel that i can scale it up anymore.

I Basically feel that i've reached the maximum potential within this business, and i am now looking for new challenges and profits.

So.. I Decided i wanted to take exactly 1 months pay ($10,000 USD)

And invest it into PPV in the hopes of finding some winners within the first 1k and then dropping the rest of my investment on those campaigns.

I am gonna kick it off tomorrow with my business partner Kasper and we will be working NON STOP for the whole weekend (14 hours / day) to get the neccessary stuff setup.

We are super motivated, and do not intend to give up before every last penny has been spent.

For the last 2 weeks we have been reading EVERYTHING about PPV we could find on this forum, Bought multiple PPV courses and taken our notes, we thought about everything we would need to succeed and the tools we have at our disposal goes below (please comment if we are missing something, would be a HUGE help!)


Tools At Our Disposal

LeadImpact Account.

Maxbounty Account.

PeerFly Account.

NeverblueAds Account.

Aweber & Getresponse - Auto Responders.

prosper202 - Tracking.

Advanced Graphic Design Skills.

Basic Copywriting Skills.

Able To Make Video Landing Pages With Voice Recordings And Whiteboard Video.

Javascript, JQuery, Asp.net, C# Skills. (We Can Make Cool Stuff Like Geo-Targeting Scripts, Survey Type Landing Pages, JQuery Animations And Whatever Gimmick We May Come Up With)

Toll free Numbers connected to our skype.


Btw, if anyone could ref us, so that we can get into TrafficVance It Would Be SUPER Awesome !

Now, we got a quite a few tools at our disposal, and we are really creative so we thought about a few approaches to making some KILLER landing pages, and i would LOVE to hear your criticism on these 2 ideas!



A VERY simple landing page with only a whiteboard video + voice and a Phone number with a call to action text like "Call Us To Learn More" in the insurrance niche.

And in the video we will talk to them about how it's hard to find the right insurrance and get the most bang for their buck and then tell them to call our toll free number to talk about what exactly is right for them and then send them to our insurrance offer through the phone (we would need a really high paying offer for this to be worth it, but i could image it's way easier to sell big ticket products like insurrances through the phone and not through some phony looking landing page, and i would imagine the conversion rate is awesome)

For the url targeting we would be targeting urls and keywords around insurrance advice, guides and insurrance prices i guess.



Building A List In The MMO/IM Niche and promote low ticket offers to them aswell as a free MMO/IM video series, then taking the buyers, put them into a buyers list and promote higher ticket products (this could be done in other niches aswell) and then keep adswapping the tire-kicker list and keep funneling buyers into the other list. (could even make them a free webinar as an incentive to signup to our list and presell our OTO)

we will ofc test this with different kinds of videos and graphics.

The url targeting we will be using, is gonna depend on what kind of offer we will be promoting.


Now that you've heard just 2 of my ideas it's time to reveal our progress so far.. (Will Be Updating This Everyday with results, tips and tricks we may discover along the way)

Progress So Far (07-03-2014)

Getting Ready For Tomorrow.


Thanks For Taking The Time To Read This Thread!

I would LOVE to hear any criticism you might have.

all improvements and ideas are very welcome!

- Jonas & Kasper

PS: Srry for my written english. It get's worse the longer the thread is :S
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    If you have $10000 ready to go, upgrade tracking to something that has actually been updated in the past year. T202 is horrendously old and clunky. CPVLab just had a big update that lets you do a lot of neat stuff. I'd suggest you get it and set it up on a nice server if you plan on sending more than a few thousand impressions a day.
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    Those sound like pretty good ideas and I'll stay tuned to this thread. Looking forward to your progress.

    And 10k is a month's pay for you? What exactly do you do? lol.
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