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I am trying to promote dating and email submit offers spent over $40 still no conversion. Targetting US bidding on.04 in Airpush, why i am not converting as these offers converting well in web!
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    The problem with the perception of affiliate marketing is that if you try it, it should just work.

    Not so.

    The amount of variables you have to test before you can see anything even resembling success is great.

    What is your targetting on Airpush? Are you specifying a certain handset or OS? Have you done any research into how the offers convert? Have you tested them on your own phone? How many different ads have you made? Why only test two offers? Which carriers are you targetting.

    You can split test 5 - 10+ offers at once to see if any of those convert on your current targetting. If none of those convert, your only real answer to why it isn't converting is because A) your targetting is wrong, or B) your ads aren't working for whoever you're targetting, but most likely a combination of both.

    Start using that noggin and look for demographics of different handset and carrier users. Look up the demographics for the kind of offers you want to run. Find demographics that line up and match your targeting for those offers with those handsets and carriers. Split test multiple offers. Make sure those offers work on the handsets you are targetting.
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      Justin is correct here. There are way to many variables to consider as to why a campaign is not converting. I think it may be the offer. Try split testing different offers, even split test different networks.
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    I get too annoyed to post anything helpful when I see these type of questions, but what Justin said above is correct.

    Mobile requires A LOT more testing as there are a lot more variables in the equation. Do not try to scale a web campaign onto mobile and expect the same results. Won't happen.
    The money is the motive.

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