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Hey guys,

What is the suggested way to DMR (double meta refresh) your CPA offers these days?

Back in the day, I remember browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Opera didn't work with DMR, is that still the case?

Any of you good 'ol PPV marketers have a DMR script I can use?

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    The problem that arises with that is that is that it seriously hampers load times. That half a second it can add doesn't look like much, but it hurts conversion rates, up to a few percent in my trials with it.

    If someone really wants to know where you are getting your traffic, whether it be another affiliate, network, or advertiser, they are going to find out. Unless you are doing something you know you shouldn't, there is almost never a reason to double meta refresh.

    I know CPVLab has it built in. If you aren't going through a tracker, that is probably something you'll want to do first.
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    I have CPV Lab, and I know it does do that, but for what I'm looking to do (go to an offer wall) it isn't the best solution.

    So I"m still open to suggestions on DMR scripts and insights.
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