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Has anyone had issues with Exoclick? I have read stories about them not approving campaigns for weeks and then trying to steal peoples money. I have had a campaign sitting in pending approval for days with a balance on my account. I haven't had this issue with any other self-serve before. Trafficjunky is usually really quick to approve campaigns- I wish they had CPC instead of CPM.
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    ExoClick prefers serious and experienced marketers. You should contact them. I'm pretty sure that they'll request that you get someone who's using ExoClick already, to vouch for you or they will request that you transfer $500 via Wire. Why don't you try out TrafficJunky? In the beginning I thought as well that it sucks but I'm doing fine with it. My avg CPC would be $0.16 on it.
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    I am already using TJ, but I would prefer to work on a PPC basis rather than CPM for the offers I am running right now. If Exoclick decides they want to make money I will report back.
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    Exoclick is great, but they want highest spenders. They will approve ads almost instantly. But for the first, you will undergo a review process, then everything will be pretty easy.
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    Just as an update, I had to send them some verification to make sure I was the one actually making the payment. I just uploaded an ad and it got approved very fast. Lets see how much their traffic costs and the quality. If it converts I have nothing but good things to say about Exoclick.
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