coaching/mentoring £15 per month

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That would be great eh!!

Thought it would get you looking at this thread

Who offers coaching /mentoring and how much would be a reasonable price to pay each month?

I have a figure I would be happy to pay but we are all different.

By thge way I do not do coaching as not experienced enough but am looking for a mentor to take me to the next level.
PM me if you are able to offer this service and we can discuss fees

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    Don't think you wil get much for £15 per month. I would be very careful who or what you could get for that. Take Stephon's advice as a lot of people are not legit and I speak from first hand experience myself!!
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    I have to agree with the above comments.

    There are some legit couches out there, but you can pretty much get all the info from online marketing forums.

    You will just have to sit, read, test (in some cases that mean lossing a bit of money) and study your results.

    Depending on your traffic method you wish to go for but I find PPC to CPA the quickest and easiest to track.
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    I was not thinking of $15 dollars though more like 50-60 from what I have read
    What I am looking for is someone to take me on to the next level
    Thanks for comments though

    after a while of keep reading posts it can put you off cpa as a lot of people seem to lose their shirt on google
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    As lots of individuals in this forum are claiming to be CPA expert , make sure that you choose the right person .

    CPA Game Changer - Coming Very Soon !

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