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Hi Warriors,

I have two questions for which I am unable to get direct answers. I hope someone could provide a clear answer to me here.

1. What is Net 30 or Net 15 payment system?
2. What is a suppression list?

Thank you.
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    Net 15 and net 30 are as follows:

    You promote products for the month of may. They payout once every month. So, for net 30 they tally everything up that you did in May and pay your June 31st or July 1st....30 days later. For net 15 they pay twice a month but it is still the same process, the work you did the first two weeks gets tallied up and you get paid an additional two weeks later. So, work you did from May 1 - 15 gets paid to you on June first but then you get paid every 15 days after that and once you quit you get paid one additional time 15 days later. Similar to a real job.

    A suppresion list....I dunno?

    Shawn Tester

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    Thanks a lot that was helpful.

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      Originally Posted by SacredWealth View Post

      Thanks a lot that was helpful.
      its really useful information of some of the basic CPA terms. thank you guys
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        "Suppression File
        According to CAN-SPAM law, each company is required to maintain a suppression file, or a list of those who have requested to be removed from your e-mail list." Quoted from Katey Charles eMarketing Glossary.

        I am also new to CPA but I believe this means that the network has a list of opt-out files (clients who do not want to receive any further emails regarding that promotion or perhaps those who have already signed on with the company) and perhaps you must first opt them out of your email list so it does not violate the agreement already made.

        Please remember I am newbie to CPA but this is what I make of it. Perhaps a long term CPA member could clarify this.

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          It looks like you have the Net 30 figured out.

          You are right on about the Suppression File thetwooldladies... That is correct.

          If you have an email list then before you send an email to your list for that offer then you need to make sure that non of the people on your list are on there Suppression File. That is what it is for. Its a SPAM thing.


          Micah Rush
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    Net 30 and net 15 are how often your stat period (and normally payment) occur.

    Supression list is a list you cannot email to because they have unsubscribed to that offer through other people emailing. Usually unsubscribe due to spam.
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    Thanks everyone.

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    One thing to note is that CPA network like have Global Popups enabled by default. You need to turn it off by going to

    tools > global config > disable popup

    Otherwise you may be getting slapped by Google or getting poor conversions without knowing why.
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