how do I make my site generate income.

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I have a website and I want to make money from it but am confused. Is it possible to make $5000- $10000 monthly with my site. I see a lot of advert here on how make such amounts. How do I participant in affiliate programs or do I use google adsence or what. Please just give me a list of what I can do to make good money from my website. I would prefer weekly pay.
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    Can you give us more details about your site?
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    My website sells VPN (software).
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    of course it is possible by affiliate marketing .For this purpose at first you have to make an attractive website where you can put informative , helpful , astonish-able , latest news . After submitting article than you have to spread it whole of the internet for that people can know about your article and visit your site . After that you have to use ad-sense and generate your income
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    Sell to SEO forums with special discount for their members.
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    I need good answers. Thanks
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      Originally Posted by raven411 View Post

      I need good answers. Thanks
      If you think a good answer would be a definitive solution for you to improve your earnings, I don't think anyone will give it to you. It's not possible to analyze a business and provide a solution for increasing profits base don a 4 line post.

      There are many possible solutions for your problem:

      * Affiliate marketing - Setting up a good offer for affiliates to promote. Then, you can use traditional marketplaces as well as CPA networks to attract affiliates.

      * Mailing - If you have many customers and a good list you could start mailing them promoting CPA offers and other similar products.

      * Displaying ads - If your site has good traffic, you can try to display ads with adsense, CPM platforms or even CPA offers.

      However, these are just a few possibilities, there are many others and base don the information provided it's not possible to tell you exactly what's the best choice for you.
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        My two cents - I have generally used the same method on every site I begin to promote and it involved first focusing on creating a great environment for my users. Once you have a nice place for them to land it's time to think about how to monetize it and create a stream from it. Aside from the obvious methods like posting ads, offers ext. It's important to combine a funnel that ultimately leads to a sale

        considering two venues here if this is your service you can start with offering discounted prices to members in exchange for testimonials anyone using fake or rehashed tests are useless.. Get quality feedback from members pertaining to your service and customer relations to post on the site.

        If this is NOT something I have done in the past is created (had created) an ebook - in your case possible to create an ebook about setting up, maintaining and tweeking the VPN for free (build a list) promote to this list.

        Contact the service provider and inquire about possible coupon discounts unique to you and your site.

        again just my two cents..
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    You need lots of traffic to make 10k. There are 5 billion web surfers out there and you need to find them.

    At the end of the day it is all advertising.The problem is the more traffic you have the more junk traffic you get that simply doesn't convert and is hard to sell. You make the most money by finding junk traffic and turning it into something of value.

    Some the suggestions that warriors give are good but simply will not scale when your traffic ramps up. I have seen my click rates plummet when my traffic went above 100k uniques. But that was expected based on pushing my traffic sources. The important thing is my income grew along with the traffic.

    I would expect you need about million unique visitors a month globally to make it happen.
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    Yeah this is very much possible if you have lot's of US, UK, Canada and Australian traffic in your site. You have to use Adsense and Chitika. And your site must have high paying keyword for Adsense. We know some high paying adsense keyword generate lot's of $. It's from $4o to $160 per click

    Let alone the high paying keyword. Not let's come to a normal keyword.
    Overview: If average 100 view generate 1 click from (USA, UK, Canada or Australia) you can earn $1
    So you need 10000 visitors everyday to earn $100 everyday.

    How much visitors do you have?
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    I need more answers.
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