So no Adwords for CPA?

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Hi, fellow warriors

I just came across the following page within the google adwords help

Are there any types of websites that merit low landing page quality scores? - AdWords Help

it says:

Website Types to Avoid
The following website types will be penalized with low landing page quality scores. If we receive complaints about ads for websites of this kind, they will not be allowed to continue running.
  • Data collection sites that offer free items, etc., in order to collect private information
So I'm a little confused. This means that if some of your competitors complains that you are running an adwords campaign for a CPA offer your campaign will be stopped?

What are your thoughts?

Interesting is another part on this page where google suggest to be cautious with "ebook", "get rich quick" sites and affiliates. So ... Adwords isn't something for Internet Marketeers anymore?

kind regards from Vienna

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