125%+ ROI - TrafficJunky not accepting new creatives though

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launched a small campaign on traffic junky and things have been going well so far.

I am direct linking currently and seem to average earn $9 for every $2.50ish i spend so far. One of my creatives has a CTR of of 0.79% and making the majority of conversions. I've tweaked it some more to split test it against the original.

My problem is that I uploaded more creatives with the exact same copy just testing different images and for some reason TJ has not approved these ads. However, they are exactly like my original control group. I haven't got any notification of why they weren't approved. Should I submit them again?
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    Submit them again and/or email support and ask what the problem is. You should have a reason why they were declined if you hover over the little red 'x' that's next to the ad.

    It's probably just an image that they don't like if they've received a DMCA request for it.

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    It says that "Landing Page is Irrelevant to the ad". All that is different is the image. I guess I will contact them. It's just kinda annoying since it's a profitable campaign running at the moment and I'm trying to increase the ROI as much as possible.
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    If you are direct linking, the reviewer maybe seeing a different LP than you do due to geo redirect.

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    Just reach them and ask a reason for denial,re-submitting without thinking seems dumb.

    Live your dreams,
    Ean Stark
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    If you keep submitting the same ad that gets denied they might just go ahead and ban your account, better to email support and resolve it that way.
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    PM sent. I have proposal for you.
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    TJ's support is really one of the best. Email them and you'll know within 24 hours and usually faster

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