How to establish a Conversion Rate?! Please help.

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Hey every one,

Omar Khan here. I am hoping to start selling new product soon. Since I will be using affiliates, however, I have been told it is important to establish your websites conversion rating.

I apologize for my ignorance on the matter, but how exactly do I go about doing that?

What I mean is, a conversion rate is established by seeing how many people went to your site and how many bought. And to get people to your site (to see how many will buy) you need affiliates to send them to your site. And affiliate wont work with you unless you already have a good conversion rate already.

Maybe I am looking at this all wrong. Please share your wisdom.

With Regards,
Omar Khan
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    Have you tried selling your products on your own first before offering it to affiliates?

    Presumably you could establish a conversation rate that way.

    You'll also get to test and tweak and find out what is the optimum way to sell it. This will make you more confident when presenting your offer to potential affiliates because you know the product converts.
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    you need some tracking software...I use's awesome
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