Stackthatmoney for media buys?

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I have been in affiliate marketing since 2010. I have pretty much been in the same niche since then (lead gen offers). I recently started marketing free trial offers. I wanted to see if Stackthatmoney can can help me teach media buys for free trial offers?

I was member of afflaybook for few years. It's great forum don't have much on media buys, plus i feel it is focused for newbies.
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    What people say is that forums like STM, Imgrind, etc. teach about media buying a certain way that isn't really what the 'big boys' do. They tell you do stuff like run on sitescout because it's easy for beginners to get started. Places like that you get the bottom of the barrel inventory and it's really tough to get profitable.

    To really succeed at media buys, check out someone like Scott Rewick | Coach, Consultant and Public Speaker. I think he has a course or mastermind.
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      STM hands down has more newbie and advanced media buy guides then you will find anywhere else.
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    You'll learn a ton of things from everywhere with those forums included. Nobody will tell you what's working for them. What you will learn from those places are the fundamentals and principles of doing affiliate marketing. That's very important by itself.

    Then what needs to happen next is to take that education you learned from all over (including those forums) and apply it by starting campaigns and testing out offers on traffic sources.

    Those forums will definitely help speed up the learning process on the "processes" that you need to develop to succeed. That is the only way to succeed.

    Once you understand the fundamentals then it's time to test test test.

    If you found a goldmine you wouldn't be very likely to tell anyone would you? Neither will the ones who went through it to find out what works.

    You'll slowly find out by losing money and test test testing. It's not easy and takes a lonngggg time but there's no shortcuts.

    What I've learned so far in my time of doing this is almost everything works. You just have to test it out to find profitability.

    The more you focus on what you want, the more you'll get what you want.

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    There is no secret golden information there you can't just Google.
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    Sure, most private forums offer support from the top guys, you can always start a follow up campaign there and expect help especially if you're paying.
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