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Hi Guys, I'm not sure where to post this ? and need some guidance.

I'm a foreign exchange broker, working for a firm in Toronto and they are offering
100$ per closed account and 10% bonus commissions on the profit we make on that client.

This is a great opportunity for some IM that are looking for a stable monthly income.

Just to give you a perspective, if you are able to get 10 to 15 closed accounts, you can generate up to 3K/month easily. I know many brokers that are doing that and more, 100K+/ yearly .

My employer is looking for business that deal with import and exports. Businesses located in USA and CANADA. Example: ceramic retail store, they buy products from Italy. So they need to buy euros to pay suppliers, we deal with 1577 different currencies.

You can see that this is repeat business, they buy on a monthly base. On average thy can buy up to 300K a year of fx if not more. One client like this can give you on average 300$/month in your pocket. Now if you are able to get 10 clients like this and your on 3K /monthly revenue.

From experience, most importers or exporters average 500K +/year of FX needs.

First, if anyone is interested in this, please PM me for details.
But my questions are, where should I advertise this?
Any Idea in how I can recruits IM for this task ?

Sorry for posting this on cpa, But I think it is similar to a cpa program with extra incentives.
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