Simple Steps To Success In Promoting Mobile Offers (For Affiliate Marketers)

by danpen
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The increase in the number of people accessing the internet on their mobile devices has changed the web and created new opportunities. Now it is clearly of note that there is a lot of money to be made from mobile. Making money from mobile is as broad as the internet. I will explain briefly how affiliate marketers can make lots of $$$ promoting mobile offers.

Like web CPA offers, mobile offers have different verticals. We have email/ zip submit offers, Pin submit offers, app downloads offers, dating offers, ringtones and music offers, adult offers, sweepstakes, mobile subscription offers etc.

Different actions lead to a successful conversion depending on the offer. There are certain actions that are unique to mobile offers and I will explain them

1. MOI-flow : This means Mobile Opt In flow. A mobile number is required to generate a conversion. The user enters his/her phone number and a conversion occurs.
2. SOI-flow and DOI-flow: MOI is further broken down into Single Opt In flow and Double Opt In flow. In Single Opt In, the user only enters his phone number and a conversion occurs. For Double Opt In, the user enters his phone number to subscribe and gets an SMS containing a pin. The user enters the pin and then a conversion occurs.
3.One-Click flow : The user clicks on the banner ad and redirects to the offer's landing page. The user then clicks on the landing page, the pixel fires and a conversion occurs.
4. Install and Open : This is for app download offers. The user downloads the app, installs it on his device and opens it for the first time then a conversion occurs.

The steps to succeed are

Step 1 : Choose a category and conversion flow and stick with it. The most profitable and easiest category from my experience is app download offers because millions of people download apps every day. Therefore, making them download an app you are promoting is not so difficult. I will recommend you stick with app download offers.

Step 2 : Choose the right network. Sign up with a mobile affiliate network with a lot of app download offers.

Step 3 : Choose an offer to promote preferably offers that do not have daily install caps. Even if it has a daily install cap, the cap should be high.

Step 4 : Getting traffic for your app download offers. The usual way we know to buy traffic for CPA offers is buying CPC traffic. This is the wrong way to promote app download offers. The best way is to buy CPI traffic to promote app download offers because you pay for actual installs only and not clicks. For every install you pay for, it results in a conversion and you are paid by your affiliate network. Most mobile ad networks do not sell ads on CPI basis to affiliate marketers. The way to go about this is to sign up with a mobile affiliate network that connects you with ad networks where you buy CPI ads. The only affiliate network that does this presently which I know of is As an affiliate on, you get the opportunity to buy CPI traffic from mobile ad networks directly to promote their offers. If you get an offer with a payout of $1.5 and an ad network has a CPI of $1, it means you pay $1 to drive installs and you will be paid $1.5 per install. Your profit is $0.50 per conversion.

This kind of opportunity wasn't available on the web. With mobile, a new set of opportunities has showed up for us to make money. These are my few steps to make lots of money from mobile as an affiliate marketer.

I strongly recommend Signing up is free. On the site, you will find more details on how to promote mobile app download offers.
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    Great share, there are some valuable inforations
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    I must say that this is impressive steps... It makes a lot of sense too. Just want to say thanks to OP.

    Are you looking for Magento Custom Development and Android Apps Developer than your search ends here.

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      To promote MOI-flow offers, you can use SMS marketing. To avoid spamming phone numbers, you can buy your sms list using services like Twilio or Telerivet. To use Twilio, you need to have some knowledge of programing so as to use their APIs. On the other hand, to use Telerivet, you do not need to know anything about programming. Everything can be set up in your account. You can build different lists. Lists interested in dating, another interested in prizes and sweepstakes, another interested in ringtones and music etc

      To build your list, you will need to buy CPC ads from sources like facebook, google, leadbolt, airpush etc. After building your phone number list, you can start sending them offers via SMS. These offers would only require them to enter their phone numbers for a conversion to occur. This approach is similar to Internet Marketing on the web because it requires your effort, time, money and patience to build your list.

      If you don't want to spend time building your phone number list, the best option is to promote app download offers. To succeed in promoting app download offers, use the steps in the original post on this thread.
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    Originally Posted by danpen View Post

    I strongly recommend
    Danpen, you appfloor owner? Or do you like us, warrior affiliate?
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    great, thank you bro
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    I've just applied. The conditions is I need to pay for CPI offers app install before promote, minimum (1000 CPI @ $1) payment $1000 for the lowest app. After you got 1000 app installed you will get money back about $1500. That means profit $500.

    Do nothing for me. LOL. But I don't know how long I will get 1000 installs. I don't know how they promote these apps.

    There in no easy way on IM..
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    i saw a video of appfloor in youtube seems like scam
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    What are the other networks other than Appfloor?
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