7 Search SCAM! - MUST SEE!

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Hi Guys,
i must share it to get your opinion !
After i did a lot of tests on 7Search with Prosper i found this :
1) the red circle in this screenshot is the number of clicks i get from 7 search for specific campaign "128 Clicks"
Attachment 20765

2) in this screenshot the amount of click in my maxbounty , almost the same because i did also tests this why the click here is much bigger, but this is ok for me.
Attachment 20766

3) this is my Prosper screen shot overview with 145 click , also ok because i did also few test then it also ok.
Attachment 20767

in this screen you see ACTUALLY clicks i got 30 CLICKS only!!!!!!!
where the statistic for all other clicks?
Attachment 20768

i thought my server is slow and not doing the statistic well , maybe people closing the browser windows before it came to my server , but i did a test with few proxy servers and there is no problem with my server!!!
then what the hell is this!?!? SCAM!?
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    Small correction only only on Spy i don't see all the clicks , why?
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    You have 3 different reporting systems which filter IPS and bots differently.

    So your stats will NEVER line up exactly. Typically the CPA network will have the lowest number of clicks and if you didn't do geo targeting then you will really see a big difference if you send global traffic from 7search to a cpa network offer that is for the USA only.

    So it's far from a "scam" as you boldly state. It's more that you don't understand how traffic filtering works.

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    You can't jump into a conclusion that 7Search is scam based on what you see.

    Each and every tracking script have their own mechanism to record and filter clicks so you are seeing different number of clicks in each system.

    I did work with 7Search in that past, and I can tell you their traffic converts. The only problem is volume. You can't get enough volume with 7Search, and hence testing and scaling is not possible with 7Search.
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    I agree with the others. Is country set correctly in 7Search to match the offer?
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    I try 7 search too but still no conversion
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    I wonder if you even have patience on IM.
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    Guys i think i understand what was the problem , it was HUGE delay on Prospser!
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    hassh, alot of scammer coming continously.. we need to be more and more careful
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