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by leonxn
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Hello everybody,

I joined 7search (Pay Per Click ads) advertisers to get targeted traffic

Then I create a campaign to promote an Clickbank [CB] product ( health & fitness )

I get clicks at this 3 days but none buy ==> 0 sales

Please I really want to know whats the problem is the traffic not targeted or there is something else ?

I get one Idea I'm just losing money here
please some one advice me what i'm should do to get 1 sale just one

+ More information :

I Get 200 click none sale
cost per click 0.08$
direct linking Clickbank affiliate
product type : weight loss
keywords : I added all the keywords poeple searching for about the website I promote for
I found it in adwoeds.google.com (Keyword tool)

Too I added keywords from google keyword tool about the product
I did everything no sales

Is this method still worked to ?
#affiliate #clickbank #ppc
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    How many clicks have you received so far? Are you tracking and weeding out non converting keywords?
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    without more information it will be hard to help you out, how many clicks have you got, what is your cpc,daily budget,are you direct linking or using a lander, does the offer that you are promoting convert at all and more importantly what keywords are you targeting
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    We want to know the equation, not the total.
    Post more info mate.
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    yes, we need more details informations, we can't help or give you advice if you not give the more informations
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      Just like everyone else has said, you need to provide more detailed information if you want detailed answers.

      One thing that is a must in my opinion is being as detailed and transparent as possible when it comes to creating your ads (depending on your objective). Doing this will help insure that only truly interested people click your ads.

      You should also attempt to capture the emails of your visitors, this allows you to contact them in the future in an attempt to convince them that your product or business deserves a try. In most cases even your most interested potential customer won't buy on their first visit.

      Wishing you much success,
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    Thank you ChrisBa, ben565, yagnik, Mr Lim, Warakizi, Wealthyclark

    The information added
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    Some ideas...

    Is 1 or 2 keywords is eating up all your budget?
    Are you testing multiple offers?
    What is the products cost to consumers and payout?
    Are you using a landing page at all?
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