Calling all warriors. Whats my campaign missing?

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Hi all,

I love this forum, it's has helped me loads.

Anyway I'll be grateful for your help so to the point. I'm currently promoting through paid ads on facebook a product that is geared to people who are attending UK festivals this summer. I know exactly my demographic 18-25 male and am targeting them through the official festival pages. At the moment these are Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight festival.

However just because they liked the page it doesn't mean they are going. So now I have pitched my ad to pre-qualify the people who click through to my site. Priced the product and put a buy now button in news feed ad with image of product that will link to homepage.

Now I know I'm still missing people.

Can anyone tell me if there is a way you can search Facebook events and target the users who say "i'm going" under an event? This would be a great way to target them. I also have another idea, target some of the bands and performers who I know my target market like.

I've thought about forum marketing but I think I'll just come across spammy and don't have the time.

I feel I'm not thinking outside the box enough, your help would be great facebook or other, preferably paid traffic as it's quicker. My target market is male 18-25 who like music festivals.


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    That you will need to use some software like Social Lead Freak.
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      Whats facebooks stance on that software, its like scraping google ?? I cant afford to get kicked off.
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    Yes, that a software over $100.
    That will worked for the event stuff you need.
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      Just looked around and it seems scrapers are a no no for fb. Will be looking for other ways
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