Blogging Profits;how do you do it?

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Hi quys,
I'd like to know how you earn money from your blogs.

I've used google adsence which I must say is good.I have also used adbrite which is a complete disappointment to which because I have had to see porn ads on my blog.

Apart from using google adsence.I'd like know what other ways that I can earn money from my blogs.

All tips will be highly appreciated.

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    Adsense is still the best PPC compare to other. The most my income is from Adsense and of course some other like kontera and adbrite as well

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      Apart from adsence and PPCs.By which other means do one earn money on blogs which necessarily having to sell a product there?

      Free Traffic Secrets That Actually Sells
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        Adsense is nice but you need some hard work to succeed.For me I now use FREE STUFFS to attract visitors to my blog.Begin to offer free stuffs in yr blogs.It is working for me.Right now I am offering a program that pays $15 FREE for sign ups and $1 for any sign up in your downline.
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          Depending on your blogging topic - you can check out PayPerPost, where advertisers pay you to make a review about a product or website. I know some bloggers make really good money with these types of networks...
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            I would check out Rob Benwells Blogging to the Bank. It has videos that take you step-by-step to making money with blogs. Just google the product name to find it.
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            Originally Posted by mkhost View Post

            Depending on your blogging topic - you can check out PayPerPost, where advertisers pay you to make a review about a product or website. I know some bloggers make really good money with these types of networks...
            Hey I was just wondering if PayPerPost is good for blogs that don't get too much traffic, or have just started out?:confused:
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    Add as many relevant affiliate links as you can, without looking "spammy".

    Also, you may want to consider adding relevant CPA offer links to your blog.

    I.e. Credit repair offers if you are writing about dept management.
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    Write product reviws and subtly slip oin affiliate links.
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    Cool. Good idea.

    Thanks, Yaji

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    Do people really make money from Blogs or is it a scam to buy ebooks about scammers making money.
    If someone can prove to me that they are making money with a blog I will eat my mouse.
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      Originally Posted by ducatibatty View Post

      Do people really make money from Blogs or is it a scam to buy ebooks about scammers making money.
      If someone can prove to me that they are making money with a blog I will eat my mouse.
      Huh? Do you know how money is made on the internet legitimately? It's all about traffic. If you run a blog that gets a lot of traffic and simply put even just adsense on there you will make a lot of money from readers clicking on your ads. There are other ways to monetize like putting affiliate links, selling your own product, etc. Who said anything about buying an ebook or scammers???? Strange.
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    Well ... just stick with adsense and try to promote your blogs as much as you want.

    In between Just try to leaern the art of afilliate marketing and try it later on
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    Hi everybody!
    I find this article need and helpfull

    3 Problems Most Bloggers Face

    You know that blogging can be a lot of fun, but you probably also know that there are some problems out there that bloggers face. If you keep yourself aware of these things you'll know exactly what you need to do to combat the problems. You'll be a better blogger with an amazing blog as a result.

    The three problems most bloggers deal with include:

    lLack of Focus

    Let's tackle these one-by-one!

    The first problem is burnout. When you first got started with your blog the chances are good that you were really excited. You had it in your mind that great things were going to happen. You probably also thought that the returns were going to be immediate. Soon enough, you realized that writing about the same topic all the time can be boring, and that it can take some time to bring in a great income.

    It's fine to feel frustrated! You should know, however, that these feelings are what can make or break you as a blogger. If you give up, you'll never know what it's like to be a successful blogger pulling in great money. If you persevere past this frustration you can be extremely successful! The majority of bloggers give up, so make sure that doesn't happen to you.

    The next most common problem is sameness. This simply refers to the fact that it can be hard for cloggers to find their exact "niche." Sure, you know what your blog will be about -- you might even have it very targeted. That doesn't mean your blog will stand out from the crowd! In order for you to gain the most loyal following possible you need to do something that will put you above the others. You might run special contests, write in a unique "voice" using humor or other forms of unique writing, or just come up with something that is absolutely off the wall but that your visitors will love.

    Finally, the last problem many bloggers face is the lack of focus. We've already discussed that it's hard to stay motivated past the early stages, and this problem often leads to a lack of focus. You started out writing a blog about weddings, but you quickly got disenchanted and start blogging on a different site about sports instead. This goes back to the issue where you just need to push through. Even if you feel like you just can't focus on this topic, you need to realize that jumping from one thing to the other will only hold you back from reaching your goals.

    There are, of course, other problems that bloggers face as well. The difference between those who do well and those who give up is their determination. If you are determined to earn enough income to replace your job, for example, you're going to need to know that these problems are there and come up with a battle plan to banish them forever.

    Remember, blogging is wonderful, but it takes a unique mindset to really make it as a blogger.
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    hey whats up afam.
    You know my 2 cents is this...

    Unless you are Arianna Huffington or someone who has huge traffic to their blog like they do, it's pretty tough to "make money" from your blog in the way that most people are thinking. What I mean is, if someone starts a blog and thinks they are going to get rich with Adsense, banners or any other type of (paid for the click) media I think they will quickly be disappointed. Those mediums work when you have HUGE amounts of traffic; it's a simple numbers game.

    On the other hand, if you look at bloggers like John Chow, who make upwards of $30k per month, those bloggers make money from their list. Now John is pulling some great revenue from ads today because he has a huge following, but he didn't start that way.

    I heard a really cool explaination of blogging as it pertains to social media on a whole. Think of your blog as your house. This is where your site visitors get to know you. Make them feel comfortable and welcome. Offer them refreshments (FREE GOODIES, VALUABLE GOODIES). Throw a BBQ (special event or promotion, JV event, teleseminars, webinars, live interviews with your industry experts and super stars). All the while nudge your visitors to subscribe to your list.

    Over and over you'll hear "the money is in the list!" This is gospel man. You make your money from your list. You build trust, credibility and raving fans by blogging. You build high value links to your money site. You position yourself as an expert in your market.

    But the REAL money is going to come once you have a following and a list. You can market all sorts of things to your subscribers and they will be more apt to buy your stuff because your already built a relationship a trust with them and have given them MASSIVE VALUE for free in the past.

    That's my take anyway.
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