Misspelled Keywords With Microsoft Adcenter?

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A little secret about ppc advertising..
As you may know, looking into misspelled keywords to bid on is NOT a bad idea. Why? Because the internet is very impulsive, and people tend to type something in fast, look at the search results anything from 5 to 30 seconds and click..while they may never even look back to what they typed in the first time. So what do you get?

People looking for advice who type in davice, and so forth..but your keyword with davice in it has NO ads being displayed..and you can get the number one position for peanuts..for pocket change. And I mean you get ALL of the traffic for your misspelled words, and the more targeted you get..the more misspelled words you can have! Example for the keyword "business meeting online" > busines meeting online, business meeting on line, business meetin gonline, business meeting onilne, and so forth. Cool huh?

But here's my question..I use keyword elite as my keyword suggestion tool, but somehow, when I research misspelled keywords with KE and then try to throw them into Microsoft Adcenter's keyword research tool, it ALWAYS ends up giving me nothing.

And I for one, find it hard to believe that absolutely NO ONE in the history of Msn.com has typed in a misspelled keyword :p so how can this be? Does that simple mean that Adcenter doesn't have any statistics for misspelled words?

And the most important question: start bidding on them or not? Because the statistics will think there are "no" searches done for those words.

Any help is much appreciated..and I hope I can meet someone who's as much into ppc advertising as me so we can brainstorm on a few things together. Thank you in advance and have a great day!
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    absolutely no people out there using Adcenter? Oh come on..you have to admit that this is strange right
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    It's likely that Microsoft, just like Google, only provides data on phrases searched more than a certain amount in the average month. And with Microsoft having only 1/6th the searches or so, that's a smaller list of phrases.
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