Missing Features/Reports in the top Affiliate Networks

by mkhost
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We have had many threads on here about the "top" or "best" affiliate networks. A topic that I think would be very interesting to see, is a list of features that affiliates wish the networks would implement to make the network experience more beneficial.

So - what are some changes/features/reports that you would like to see for your favorite affiliate network?

Alternate focus: What are some your favorite features that some have adopted that are not yet widely implemented?
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    all i care about is payouts, by paypal.
    It's easier to automate and self fund your income streams.
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      Yes I agree.
      If all the affiliate networks can make payout through Paypal will be much better.
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        OK, if payouts via paypal are a big issue; how about the frequency of payouts? Would daily/weekly/bi-weekly payouts be more enticing than monthly, or is this not too important for an affiliate?
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          Monthly payouts are standard, coz it's just easier for paying out, tracking, billing and stats i guess.

          But yea, obviously weekly/bi weekly payouts, would be great.

          Where's this thread leading too?
          Are you starting your own CPA Network are ya?

          Model off hydra, if you are, they're fantastic.
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        Originally Posted by HarveyJ View Post

        So you odn't actually care about seeing things like your CTR, sales ratio, or even why people are requesting refunds and chargebacks?
        How are you meant to improve your campaigns and actually earn more if you're not even looking into that stuff?

        CTR's, Leads/Sales, Conversions and all the main stats
        are stock standard in all GOOD CPA networks.

        So I didn't bother mentioning them.

        However, paying out by paypal is not a standard feature
        throughout most CPA networks.

        and btw, if you're using CPA networks, and getting paid on lead gen, then No.
        I couldn't careless about refunds or charge backs. I'd still get paid for the lead.
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