What Type Of Growth/ROI Have You Experienced With Advertising?

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My website has been growing and performing well so far, but it's definitely growing at a slower pace; since I've not done any major advertising yet. I feel like I'll never be able to get some good growth without advertising.

I'm gearing up to start incorporating some different types of advertising methods like Facebook Ads, Adwords, Banner Ads, Bing Ads, Email Marketing, AdRoll, etc. for my website.

I was just wondering, what type of website growth / ROI did you guys see when you first started using paid advertising methods for your website?

What advertising methods seemed to work the best for your website niche?

Thank you!
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    This is something very different for everyone and every niche. It also depends on the strategy you would like to follow. Theoretically someone can invest 1 million and be happy with 10% ROI, where another one can only invest 1.000 and have 100% ROI.
    Lately my campaigns have been operating at 100% ROI and at the same time I am able to continue expanding them and adding more keywords. Advertising is the key to grow, so definitely do it!

    Any questions - just drop me a message.
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    When I first got started in Paid advertising, I didn't see any ROI immediately.

    It took awhile to learn and get my feet wet, but once you get the hang of buying media, you'll start to see results.

    Don't worry too much about ROI to start, but go in with the mentallity that you're here to learn, get better, and get your feet wet. Any ROI gained is a + at that point.

    But, when you have the ability to turn $1 into $1.25, or $1.50, or $2 or $3 or more, then you can scale your business up.
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