Use CPA banner or create your own?

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Is it best to create your own banners or use the ones provided? I know it means extra cost with design or using photoshop but does it give you an edge over your competitors who are mostly using the same banners provided by the CPA offer?
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    No. You have to respect the brand you are promoting.
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    Hey Jay

    I would have to agree with redexclub on respecting the brand that you are promoting. But I would say that the best way to beat out your competition is to make certain that your audience is massive, and is extremely relevant to the offer that you are promoting.

    Hope this helps!

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    I always create my own. I rarely have major luck with the given creatives, I'll take parts of from them maybe.
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    I agree with previous comment. You should create your own unique banner.

    In order to make your banner ad as effective as possible:

    - Keep your message short.
    - Make sure that your ad is easy to understand for your target audience. If you want to advertise several items, features, etc., use multiple ads for each goal.
    - Provide your company logo; this will increase your overall brand awareness.
    - Use professional photos and never use photos that look like you took them with a phone.
    - Make both your banner ad and landing page look like they were professionally designed.
    - Include an unobtrusive call to action. People don't like it when they are pressured to perform an action, but they do like it when the ad kindly requests or hints at what they should do.
    - Your banner ad should match the design of your website (i.e. it uses the same colors, theme, etc.).
    - Update your banner ads frequently. If you want to master your ad strategy, test different types of banner ads to see which attracts more visitors to your site.

    Take a look at site, there are you will find a lot of interesting information about affiliate marketing.
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    I always create my own creatives, banners and ads. I wouldn't trust my advertising money solely on someone else's creatives ... But then I'm also confident in my marketing skills being better, ha!

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    As a merchant, our affiliates can definitely create their own banners, headers etc. We have a few rules like no negative advertising, but generally the affiliate is free to do what they want.
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