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Hey everyone,

I've a question that I have been trying to find the answer to with no such luck.

I plan on doing some Facebook advertising using Dark Posts where I create a landing page using a template from leadpages.net.

I will be promoting a CPA offer from the landing page that will be created.

Obviously, FB does not like or approve most advertising that is directly to a CPA offer but they have been approving many leadpages.net landing pages.

The issue is that when you include the leadpages.net landing page as the advertising site, even if approved, it will show up as that site on the Dark Post. For example - If I promote a CPA offer on dating and I create a simple landing page through leadpages.net, that landing page will show up and it doesn't look very good. It will say something like http://leadpages.net/dating101 for example. Which looks ridiculous.

See the images below as thumbnails that show links that I would like it to look like:

As you can see on both ads, there are links and those links actually send people to affiliate pages.

My question is how do I create links like that and then have them go to the affiliate link yet still have a professional url look.

The link for match.com goes to an affiliate link where they get the commission however it says match.com.

If I created an ad and landing page for something from match.com with leadpages.net, the link would end up showing up with the leadpages.net url along with the rest of the url.

What I want to avoid is getting a new domain name every time I create a landing page with leadpages.net.

With that being said, I may have totally butchered what I am trying to say but if anyone has some advice or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    To avoid this you could create a general domain and every time you create a new landing page you create a new page on your domain.
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    You don't need to get multiple domains if you want to create multiple campaigns. You can create a directory such as yourdomain.com/dating and under dating you can create multiple pages

    so in essence it would look

    or if you want to try gaming niche


    In essence u need to create multiple directories for the same domain for different niches...

    Hope that helps..
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      looking to find out more about these dark posts on FB any pointers ?
      Affiliate links are not allowed.
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    Alright, 2 things.
    First, when you publish ads on newsfeeds (be it desktop or mobile) you can hide your very long link
    with a smaller one, there is an option somewhere in power editor.

    Second, its better if you use your own domain name and redirect from there.
    So when you create an ad you will use www.MyDomainName.com on facebook,
    but when people click on www.MyDomainName.com they will redirected to http://leadpages.net/dating101.
    However i'd like to point out, during the facebook preview and approval process, when the facebook member clicks on your link to
    validate it, they will land immediately on leadpages.net, so they will have their domain on your advert and you dont want that,
    you want your domain.
    What i usually do is, i make a "temp" landing page so when i click on www.MyDomainName.com i will see an actual page.
    I use this page during the approval process, when its done i redirect my domain to leadpages or wherever you want.
    Using your own domain(s) helps in many ways.
    You can use many offers redirecting to different landers/cpa offers.
    This way you can also test your landers.
    www.MydomainName.com/a redirects to leadpages.net/lander-a
    www.MydomainName.com/b redirects to leadpages.net/lander-b
    and so on.
    Do a google search for meta redirect.

    Hope this answer your question.

    All the best,
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