How to integrate Prosper 202, 7 Search and NeverBlue?

by adidam
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I tried to find some guides over how to join Prosper202, 7Search and NeverBlue but I failed to find some solution. Please if anyone of you can help me with that. Because I'm not so good in all this stuff.

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  • Here a quick guide

    Integrating Prosper202 with 7Search

    Getting it to work with Neverblue is as simple as makingsure to correctly format your neverblue tracking link with the [[subid]] token in step #3

    Since Neverblue is on CAKE now it's pretty simple but you have to watch out for one thing

    Here's an example link (domain is made up):
    Make sure you NEVER use s1=[[subid]] it's not supported an will cause things to not track. use s2 or higher (This applies to any network running CAKE)

    Then for your postback you'd do something like the following:
    Note that subid=#s2# corresponds to the url variable that you used for the [[subid]] token. So if you did &s3=[[subid]] your postback would be

    That's about it

    If you haven't already done so you should also watch our intro tutorials here T202 Tutorial Videos
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