Different adwords campaigns of different adgroups for targetting mobile and desktop devices

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Is it better to create a different campaign for targeting mobile devices for the same ads ( in google adwords) for which I have ads for desktop or should I create only diff. ad groups in the same campaign . I already have a campaign running for desktop. Now for the same market, I want to create mobile ads, should I create a new campaign or new adgroup in the same campaign ?
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    I prefer a new campaign because you can completely separate the ad budget.

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      Hi kushalkhanna,

      It really boils down to personal preference, and convenience. It is more convenient to pause and re-enable a campaign than having to select a bunch of ad groups based on label/names. And as banwork mentioned, you can control the budget separately if you have them in separate campaigns.

      However, if you already have a large number of campaigns, doubling the number of campaigns just to split budget settings might not be the way to go. So, it really depends on how you have your account currently organized that dictates which will work best for you.
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    I like different because you get more control over things. I like how Google tried to combine them, but in reality the computer is still a very different user experience than a phone or tablet.
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