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What are the perfect way of using Google Adword.
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    Hey Anushka

    Personally i don't use Google adwords but you should try Eleavers.

    Its a very cheap ppc platform that is really easy to use with high converting clicks.

    Hope this helps out!

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    Hi Mate,
    Google Adword is Perfect Tool to get Good ROI.

    You need to know what is Quality Score, Bidding Strategy, Negative Keywords and Conversions etc to make good out output with it.

    If you do not apply correct strategy , you will loose money in this.
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    The best way to start learning Adwords and learning to the right way to approach is from Adwords resources they have posted online.

    You can start with the PDF here: https://static.googleusercontent.com...ep_by_step.pdf

    It is great!
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    Lol I wish there was a simple few sentences someone can write that would answer this question, wouldn't that be a masterpiece.

    Fact is there's no quick route to learning Adwords, it's a beast of a network that marketers spend years learning how to master. Check out Google's tutorial section though there's probably dozens of hours of video material and 1000's of pages of reading material you can study up on.

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    Originally Posted by anushka123 View Post

    What are the perfect way of using Google Adword.
    I don't know about perfect.. But start by developing a full built out site optimized for seo, collect keywords via analytics that came in via seo and use those as your base keywords for Adwords. And go from there.
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