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Hi Warriors, It's been a week now. I am researching on "Incentive Traffic". I have budget to spend on paid traffic. I am confused what traffic source should i use for incentive offers like surveys and pin submits. Top offers from Ad work media, Cpa grip, Cpa lead are really converting for some guys. How can i know the traffic source. i am pretty sure that they aren't using free traffic method. cause they are doing 3/4 K's a day. I know its paid traffic. But where can i get that number of good Europe traffic? I know some of these guys are just direct linking. First i thought i would use Facebook app install and website clicks for pin submits. However, i did not see any positive results. thats why. anyways, i would want you to suggest me some good traffic source. I have 2k budget to spend. As per paid traffic, my goal isn't big. I wanna earn 100 dollars a day. thats it. i know its not hard with paid traffic if its done right and with good traffic.

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