Extra Keyword Sources and Techniques

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Hello Warriors,
Just want to share a technique to expand your keyword research. you can expand your keyword lists by hundreds if not thousands by sometimes performing the simplest actions.

One of these is called rephrasing. Now what do i mean by rephrasing?

Its very simple indeed yet immensely powerful.

Rephrasing is basically looking for other words that mean the same thing as your chosen keyword. For example 'laptop' can also be called 'notebook'. 'Dog food' can also be searched for as 'pet food', 'animal food', 'puppy food' etc. By doing this you can really expand your targeted keyword base by a huge amount. You can use this tool to help you find some of these related and similar words: visualthesaurus.com

awesome tool - hope you'd enjoy it.

Success is yours,
Michael Etaifo
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