Google is taking 100% of my revenue every day

by gloman
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I usually make about $200 a month with Adsense. However, I'm now PAYING Google to host their ads on my site. Every time I make money, they DEDUCT it from my account. Every single time, every single dollar, every single day! By the time July ends, I will have ZERO revenue, down from $200.

My stats show all my commissions, but the amount in the "earnings in the last 28 days" is going down daily. The more I earn, the less I make! Sometimes they even deduct more than I made!

How can this be? Is this happening to anyone else? I'm so confused and angry. I have been keeping track of this theft by using a screen capturing program. I'm thinking of deleting adsense from my site. Please help.
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    unfortunately im not sure i can advise on this since i tend to stay away from all things Google, but as someone who owns a brick and mortar and who uses both bing and google, id say Google is the devil.

    worst company for small businesses to use EVER. All they do is drive up prices till only the big companies can afford to use their platform.

    Bing also tends to convert at a higher rate than me.

    again i know this isnt at all related to your question, but it just annoyed me that Google is screwing us in yet another way.
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      i agree with you guys>> now google not small online business friendly
      they did not helped me we need another good competitor to challenge google
      there is nothing impossible,,Google came all the way 1st in the world with help of worriers like us but now they forget us so sad
      now it make sense we are real online worriers,,so thank you worrier forum
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    Is your traffic same as before?
    google do deduction for click frauds.
    Check your website worth -
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    i dont understand your question what do you mean you are paying? to Google
    if you are ad sense publisher then you don't have to pay any thing.
    if you do some invalid click then may be they will bann you.
    if you want to solve problem then describe here which type nice you are working whats the traffic you have ? whats location of most traffic.>? this are the main factor of your cpc.
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    That is why I removed adsense from my website. It just doesn't worth staying there anymore.

    It was sweet, but then my earnings always dropped every time when Google changes something and now they are almost next to zero. It is interesting when you try to advertise in their network you can't position for less than a pretty crazy amount. Crazy depends on the niche you are, but it is crazy.

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    You need to check the traffic source. Google deduct earnings if you are getting invalid clicks. Also contact Google using forum as well as by filling the form. Thanks
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    Yes, but everyone is missing the fundamental reason why this is happening - although it makes sense why as only the big enterprise companies understand it - was explained to us by some architects. The deduction part does not make sense unless there is something fishy going on, or you are cycling the revenue to Adwords, in which case read this Google AdWords
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    I feel so bad for you OP. I have heard of Google screwing people over but THIS, this is just below the belt. The smartest thing you can do and are doing is taking screenshots. I don't know how you can get attention this but maybe go on social media, use hashtags and complain and if you have a following and people retweet etc you might get the attention of some powerful guys. Wish we could help more but the al mighty Google thinks they are untouchable shame on them!
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      Hi Everyone. Thanks for the quick responses.

      My traffic is the same. I emailed Google and they said it might be invalid clicks, but they can't give me any more information. But, I don't ever click ads on my site. They said it could be other people doing it. That seems strange since it happened all of a sudden and on every single day this month! And you can't tell me every click is invalid.

      Now, I understand they could ban me even if I didn't do anything wrong. When I said I'm paying Google, I meant that I make it and they take it.

      I checked my stats this morning, and I have less money than yesterday. What a racket.
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