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by smiket
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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to wrap my head around landing page relevance in Bing Ads.

I have a LP with the keyword "abc 123" , 2 term kw, occurring with a density of 2.5%. It is also present in the title, metas and bolded out on the page. When bidding on it(phrase), I get a QS of 3; exact match has a QS of 7. The campaign has a CTR of 1.88%, it probably doesn't matter, because it still has a very low impression count. The KW is present in the ad title and body. The issue, as indicated by Bing Ads is with "landing page relevance". I have the same problem with similar keywords, both on exact and phrase matches. The page is clearly semantically related to those kw and the adgroups are structured so they include kw that have at least 2-3 words in common.

I have a feeling that my issue is that I do not know how to structure the landing page so it's more relevant to the Kws and I do not know what the bot sees when it crawls it.

Example: If I bid on "How to scratch a dog behind the ears", what do I need to show on my LP:
  • "dog ears" - that is I am currently doing for some of the keywords, the LP also features "how to" and "scratch", but they might be used in different paragraphs.
  • the full "How to scratch a dog behind the ears" term.
  • does it depend on the bidded match type - if I bid on exact, do I need to have an exact match on the LP, phrase - phrase match of the KW on the LP, etc.

Worth mentioning is that I am using a tracking software to split test 2 very similar LPs - only the title is different + I am using a php script that dynamically inserts the kw on the page.

Thank you. I know these are not easy questions to answer, for more than one reason.
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