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Hello , I am thinking to start taking ppc - cpa coaching from wealthy affiliate ..Please tell me about it if you had joined their program ???
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    It is a good community. I was there for 3 months. opted out couple of months ago purely because of the fact that there is so much free information available without we needing to pay a monthly fee.

    But the tools there and their hosting service and nicheq are all very good for intermediate to expert marketers. For newbies, it will be a handful to handle. Too much to choose from that is.
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    I havent bee a member myself, but i have heard so many people come out with some good comments.

    Give it a try, thats really the only way to find out if it works for you.
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    I was a member for about a month and my experience was pretty much the same as Srikanth D there are alot of tools on there and the forums will both give you ideas as well as success stories to motivate you ultimately I decided to seek free methods and info which led me to digitalpoint and eventually here to the WarriorForum.
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    I've been a member of WA since Nov. 2008. My only warning is there is so much information there it can be overwhelming. I still pay for it every month, I believe in it.
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      I was there for about a year before I decided not to be a member anymore. It's a good community and I would recommend it to anyone who is starting out. What was stated earlier is correct in my opinion. You can find everything you need to know for free or in a cheap ebook here in this forum. If you are brand new to IM then I would say go for it. If you have some experience I really don't see the need.

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