How risky is this business?

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recently, I visit WF and read lots of post here, especially the one about a guy who lost his Copeac account
so, this is what I think: we affiliates are the one who do all the marketing and stuffs, we send leads to the advertiser, the advertiser pay us for that while they are looking for a long term relationship with the customer
now, my question is: how the hell can we know that a lead can convert on the advertiser backend or not? Let say I stick to the top network only and I choose a high CPA offer. After promoting like crazy, suddenly, the advertiser say that the leads don't convert and I'm sending bad lead, although I'm using completely white hat method, nothing shady here, and I get banned from that offer, or even banned from the network
I don't say that it happen a lot, but it can happen
so, what is your opinion?
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    Yes this can happen. I guess I've heard the same kind of experience in one of the forums. Will try to find and post it here so that it will give you ideas on what exactly to do.
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      There's always a risk in every business.The main weapon you can have is being careful and have alternatives.This is how research is important before you go on to any business.
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    As long as you follow their rules, they won't ban you without warning you. When they warn, get in touch with your affiliate manager and TALK TO THEM. No one in warriorforum is going to help you in that. lol.
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      exactly, communication is key

      i call my afm every few days to let him know what i'm doing and how!!

      that way there are no surprises
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    And you can do it all right and they can not pay you, its another way they make their money, but that's part of the cost of doing business. Don't make any plans or commitments based on what you sold today only what you collect.

    AIM zbestcpa

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    In my experience, if you build a relationship with your AM you should not have any problems.

    You need to be very transparent when it comes to how you are promoting offers.

    If you are doing blackhat methods, you are going to get banned sooner or later. If you are using whitehat methods, you can build a solid business.

    Keep in contact with your AM and let them know every time you are starting a promotion. If there are no surprises they are less likely to look into what you are doing.

    If you have a problem your AM will let you know instead of just waking up to your account being locked.

    Use more than 1 network. I use around 35 different networks at this time. I never have to worry about not getting paid from one of them.

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      Originally Posted by dmarzean View Post

      Use more than 1 network. I use around 35 different networks at this time
      This is important.

      If you spread out your income over 10-20-30 different networks, your more likely not to have a problems getting paid. Because if you push hundreds or thousands a day to one offer and one network, this is more risky than making 25-50$ a day per network.

      I've read horror stories in other forums/threads where a network owes a publisher tens of thousands of $$ for white hat leads and the network refuse to pay the affiliate.

      "One Man's Ceiling is Another Man's Floor

      "I Pay Less Attention to What Men Say. I Just Watch What They Do."
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