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I'm sorry to have to say that Campaign Creatives Affiliate Network is now closed. Here is the text of the email I sent to all affiliates earlier today.

To All Affiliates:

I never thought it would come to this because I planned on having this network for many, many more years to come. There are quite a few reasons, though, as to why I'm shutting it down, at least for now. Some have to do with mistakes I made along the way and one of the biggest ones was to switch platforms to Performa Network. It's very difficult to compete when the owner of the script (Performa Network), also owns an affiliate network (CPAWAY), which is a competitor and who has people working for him, answering trouble tickets, who are also direct competitors with the networks that they own. They have access to all of my network information including my list of affiliates, the advertisers/networks I use, how much I'm getting for offers, etc. That's the case for anybody who ones a Performa network or ShiftCode GPT site. Competitors are looking at everybody's data. Besides being able to see all of this information, they're also known to run their mouths and have done just that! since the GPT world came into existence more than 8 years ago. Their reputations for doing whatever necessary to stamp out their competition are widely known. So with access to every ShiftCode and Performa site, that can be easily accomplished. That's a conflict of interest if there ever was one. It's like WalMart having somebody from Target oversee their operations then going out and telling everybody what WalMart is doing. Another part of this was the fact that if you disagree with the owner of the platform (Tom Dietzel), and/or he gets mad at you, he'll shut you down and won't allow you to renew your license. He's done it to others and threatened to do that with me and I, literally, had to beg him not to close down my site because it was my livelihood. That's not a professional way to conduct business.

Then there are the support issues of which there are many and which never got addressed or fixed. Trouble tickets aren't answered on a timely basis and when you do get a reply it comes from somebody who has absolutely no coding or script knowledge as to how the platform works. They know a whole lot less than you do about what's going on.

In my personal opinion, I think that when Tom Dietzel took over ShiftCode and what was known as Gain Corp., subsequently changed to Performa Network, he had no intention of continuing with them. I've been in this for quite a while now and, as history has shown, Tom is known for taking over something then making it go away. He did it with SwatCash, the most awesome GPT site ever, and he did it with the forum, GPT Boycott. Those are the only ones I know about. There could be more. Currently, he's not accepting any new sites in ShiftCode or Performa, and he hasn't for over 2 months now. You never stop bringing in new clients/customers if you intend to continue operations. And there have been no enhancement updates to either script since he took them over almost 3 years ago. To me, that doesn't sound like somebody who wants to keep on maintaining either one or make them better. Because Performa networks are so closely tied with ShiftCode GPT sites, how are the networks supposed! to make any money with no new GPT sites coming on board? I don't know this for sure, but my guess is that anybody who runs their affiliate network using Performa has seen a significant drop in income over the last couple of years. As I wrote, this is all just my opinion and observation.

I wish to thank all of the many affiliates who have supported us and used offers from Campaign Creatives these past 4-1/2 years. It's been a true pleasure working with you. As I embark on some different ventures, I wish you the best of luck in those that you pursue. If you have any questions or just want to say, "Hey", I'll still be able to be reached at support(at)

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    This is a Facebook message I received from Mr. Dietzel last night:

    "In case your email is not working..... CEASE AND DESIST: Linda, Please let this email serve as your final warning in your recent unprovoked slanderous campaign against myself as an Individual as well as against the various corporation in which I represent. I have already at this time forwarded your email blast which contained slanderous material over to my attorney to verify that you have crossed the line and if so instructed him to file suit. I am hoping I don't have to spend the money to do so. As if I do, it will just waste my time, but at same time we must protect our brands. Being that it appears you own a home, it will be worth my time as I will be able to hold you accountable as an individual for your statements and at the very least put a judgement against your home in the event I prevail in court."

    Slander? I think not. Slander is when somebody tells a lie or a falsehood about somebody. Everything I stated is either factual or is my own opinion. Last I knew I still have freedom of speech. I wonder how much support he'll be able to garner for his cause when people find out he's trying to bully a 63 year old lady on Social Security by threatening to take her house. Not much, I would imagine.
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