Can someone please advise me on this Bing Campain?

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Hello, I am really new to bing ads and I am confused on why this campaign is not getting any clicks. Did I do something wrong or am I just impatient? lol. As of keywords, one of the campains has keywords with 200,000 monthly searches. Both were posted almost 24 hours ago.

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      Originally Posted by PPC-Coach View Post

      Bid higher and you'll get clicks.

      I may be mistaken but it looks like the bids are at $10 and $25... REALLY???? Is that right?
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      Also check your campaign settings under daily budget options and ensure it's set to "Accelerated" (spend your budget as fast as possible).

      By default it may be set to Standard, which reduces your impressions in an attempt distribute your budget evenly throughout the day. And if you have a fairly low daily budget set, that could a reason why you aren't receiving many impressions and clicks.

      So try bidding higher as PPC-Coach mentioned above, and check the daily budget options in your campaign settings.

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    Check if your ads and keywords are eligibles or disapproved/under review
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    We would end more info to help, here's some info to start..

    You need to split up the search and content, you need to get your qs up, you need to get your ctr up, how many keywords do you have? How many ads have you tested? What is your budget? What countries are you targeting?
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  • Your QS is average to low suggesting your ads could be better.
    Split search and content. They are very different. I don't know your product but you may not even want to use the content network.
    I suggest better campaign and ad group naming, make things easier on yourself.
    Test with two active ads at any time.
    There's not enough info here, just ten clicks, but things I see all the time is poor keyword choices and match types, poor ads (as evidenced by your QS) and not really understanding how PPC works and how to take advantage such as your mixing search and content.
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