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Hi. I am looking for CPM network that pays good rate, is suitable with blog(not looking for minimum visitors), and is not working with CTR.
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    Try Adsense - other alternative is to sell ad space privately.

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    Matomy Display is also nice. Basically, is the same as affiliate programs, but it takes of the burden of choosing individual programs for specific user demographics and/or traffic quality. It’s sort of affiliate program for lazy internet marketeers Results I had with them were not so bad, but I found those “download now/play now” ads to be somewhat annoying. However, these ads appear to be everywhere nowadays, including AdSense and alike.
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    Buysellads is number one and Adversal is number two CPM ad network.
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    My advice would be more of the same; AdSense and BuySellAds.
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      I am looking for: 1.network wihtout CTR advertising, 2.the network don't need to look at minimum daily impressions/
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    Adsense buy far. But the problem is they are very strict to their TOS.
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    adsense and chitika are the ones that I will go for to begin with..
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