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Greetings warriors,

I've noticed many warriors here are looking for a place where they could learn ppc and cpa. I would like to point you to a site that I have been a member for for several months. It's absolutely free and I've gained so much knowledge from these guys.
These guys at have also been offering a free ppc mentoring program. They teach how to use ppc to drive traffic to cpa offers. You might want to find out if the offer is still available. You can find out more about it here:
FREE PPC Mentoring Apply Now!
This site also has tons of info on how to learn ppc and cpa. If you want to learn cpa, try their cpa marketing series. This series has enough info to not only get you started but also to make a great income. The series starts on this page:
CPA Marketing
Start at the post marked March 3 and work up until the series ends. There is so much valuable information at this site that will help you to succeed at cpa and ppc.
I hope this helps.
To your success,
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