William Souza's CPA Evolution

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While this may not be the best place to put this question, I thought I would ask regular CPAers what they think about this. Is this something you would buy?

I bought his last CPA coaching and really liked it. Wanted to know peoples thoughts on whether you think this is a game changer in our business.
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    I bought it, Got $50 off with the early bird discount. After 24 hours I like it and plan on seeing it through.
    He has a lot of material and he goes step by step. I would just say if you buy it, be ready to devote some serious time to it. He also is starting a forum community to help support.it.
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      Hi Cloudstrife

      Did you make money from his last course?
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    Too bad CpaEvolution is now closed, Lucky for the people that did get in!!
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      Bought this course but the website cpaevolution.net has been down for the past two days. Does anybody have any ideas why?
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        Originally Posted by cofforch View Post

        Bought this course but the website cpaevolution.net has been down for the past two days. Does anybody have any ideas why?
        The web site is cpaevolution.com... not ".net"
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          cpaevolution.net is the site which gives the course instructions.

          I know because I had been using it before it shut down!

          cpaevolution.com was where you signed up for the course.

          Does anyone have William Souza's email address?
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            Have been able to access the site again today.
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    I bought the online course by William last year.

    Good contents. But it is kind of basic stuff.

    I am not using the knowledge in the course on my CPA now.
    CPA is all about testing, tracking, determining.
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    The first step to become successful in this biz is to stop buying these guru courses that make these guys rich.

    Trial and error. That's all you need to be doing. Not buying these courses.
    The money is the motive.

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    I got in at the last minute. Because of some other obligations have until next week I haven't gone very far through the course but I am impressed. Let me say though that I am a newbie only been studying IM for about 4 months but CPA and paid traffic is what I had decided to master hence jumping in on the course. Quality of the videos are top notch (comparable to Lynda.com). Seams to be a step by step process with homework assignments that you must complete. I expect I will learn a lot from this course and it will be worth every penny of the $300 I paid. Can't comment on the quality of the content as I have nothing from CPA to compare with but I get a good vibe from William and I think he is sharing really good information
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    it really is extensive and you will find tones of content but almost 90% of that content is for newbies! hopefully forum would be great!
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    CPA evolution is for those, who are serious about CPA marketing and want to make a decent amount of money that can change your life.

    IM system of Kenster and CPA evolution of William are awesome
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    I attended a web seminar a few days ago with William Souza and ( 2 ) others.

    This was about targeting EM lists and they showed a check received from empower network.
    Does anyone have any thoughts about this ?

    Also does anyone know when Kenster is coming back ??
    I am on a WL for his coaching program. TY peoples !!
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        William teaches mostly very basic stuff that can be learnt here for free. What I did not like inside is that he is using PoF and Facebook traffic and in fact there are much better ways of traffic out there for CPA.

        BTW I think this thread should be moved to IM Product reviews category ?
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    thats right RemyMartin, well said , nothing but the truth
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    RemyMartin completely nailed it.. you are ready to do CPA when you think you are, it will still take tones of testing and failing even after 6 months you will spend perfecting everything!
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    Yes everyone should always just learn everything on their own. Never pay for training. Never pay for someone to help you. That's the most logical way to learn anything. Totally agree!
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    I have heard mixed opinions on that course so far, it's really big but mostly it's just super basic stuff!
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    the cows need milking william and friend kowns how to milk
    true story
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    I wouldn't spend that much money to learn basics, you are most likely to get one campaign up making you money for that type of investment!
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    seems pretty good to me though, it may have some basic info but it still is pretty extensive course.
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