Landing/Squeeze Page Quality Ad Images?

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When you create your landing/squeeze page, where do you find quality images to use that will help your pages convert higher?

I took a look at some of the stock photo websites that have decent images to use, but I'm looking to see if there are websites out there that tailor more to images that work better in ads.

Thank you!
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    Are you serious. Stock photo websites usually have 35+ million images, anything you can think of.
    And the definition of "stock photo" is that it's a photo that you can buy, vs custom made just for you. Therefore any website that you described will be automatically a stock photo website by default, if it will have any photos that you can buy. Many photos will attract attention if used well, with nice layout, text and good marketing copy.
    I'm also not sure what are you advertising and what type of photos you have in mind, but if you need more than a few photos and that are more unique, try subscription website like BillionPhotos. Then you don't need to pay for each photo, while their photos are not found on other stock websites (that I know of). is also great, but more expensive and probably co-distributed to other stock photo websites you might've seen.
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