Is PPC advertising the way?

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Hi Warriors, I am wondering if PPC still are the way to advertise a home business? I am not looking to build a list of many people. I would just present this business to a smal audience of about 20 people or so. Is there a better way to do this? Doing PPC with Bing for a few days, but no luck getting peope to join. maybe the landingpage is the problem, or is it that people want to have all the information at hand? I want to present this business through skype or simular to have people to ask questions and meet the people and get the feel of them. Any suggestion?

Thnak you Warriors
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    Well if you are advertising a home business, which I assume is a make money from home opportunity, then you should be building a list.

    If it's a cost to join business opportunity, then know that the industry standard for front end conversions (people who join the first time they see it) is less than half percent these days.

    You should send your traffic to a squeeze page and capture at least your prospect's email address before redirecting them to the opportunity. Most people will be skeptical at first, may have questions and want to know what they are "really" getting into first. So by capturing their email and following up to introduce yourself with your contact info and availability to answer questions, people feel much more confident about joining.

    If you provide a link to your landing page, I would be happy to share some ideas on possibly improving it. But definitely plug an email autoresponder in there and start capturing your leads. Because most of your conversions will come on the backend during the time you follow up (email) your prospects.

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      Thank you Technito to take the time to help me . My site is (not sure if I can add this here?)
      I have changet it so it just is name and email that I am gathering so I get people to join so I can get in thouch.
      In this business you can decide how much you want og in with, free or Money. I am Grateful for all the help I can get so thank you
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    PPC should be the best traffic source for you. If you are not getting any results check your landing page and think what may cause the lower conversion rate. Also check if your campaigns are relevant. focus on exact match keywords in the beginning to make sure you are targeting the right people.
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      Thanks svetod I am going to do some changes to see if I can get moe to sign up. But is the targeting on Bing usefull? Or is facebook better when targeting?

      Thank you Warriors
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    I think that's an MLM thing?

    If so, you can't really use bing or adwords.

    If not, then yeah you can.

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    I've have success with biz-opp on PPV, if you want to avoid the approval issues that may come with Bing or Adwords. But if your site is compliant, Bing and Adwords is great!
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    thanks for tip
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      Originally Posted by des gabriel View Post

      thanks for tip
      ... that's what she said :p
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    (...clearing my throat) You might also consider trying the combination of PPC and Video Marketing.
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    I think I just upped your bounce rate after visiting.

    We've gone 180 degrees opposite of your page and basically made our home page an opt-in (or login if you have an account) page with a strong call to action. It's a completely different thought process --- for example, you are offering so much info in the hopes someone will request a quote. The opposite is to create a bit of intrigue by offering less info but have a good hook so that they actually raise their hands in the air so that they can "gain access" to the site and information.

    You better have some good content on the other side though.
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    I just checked you Landing page and its no way near to any sort of quality page. You have got lot of work to do on your landing page before considering any traffic method. Because in Internet Marketing getting traffic isn't any problem anyone can get traffic anytime. The problem which is the difference from being successful or being failor is getting them convert. So focus on landing page make it looks like high converting.
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