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I had an idea for implementing CPA offers, but I don't know whether it would be very effective or not. If I drive traffic via a list to an entertainment-based site, and if I have CPA offers on it, even if the offers aren't relevant to the type of entertainment featured on the site, do you think I could still make some conversions? If my traffic was only about 100-200 visitors a day, do you think it could still make a few conversions at that point? If so, I can scale it. Thanks.
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    Yeah it could work. You may not make a lot of money if the traffic isn't targeted, but if you did something like Adsense that pays you on a CPC base, then you will definitely get clicks and make something from it. As there will be users that will click ads out of curiosity even if it doesn't apply to them. Because it costs them nothing to click on something.

    CPA conversions would be much lower if the traffic isn't targeted. But if CPA is all you want to focus on, then make a website or blog that's around a specific niche. Provide valuable and help information, keep your viewers engaged and even "entertained". Then it will surely work for you.

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    It could work, the only way to find out is to try .. Try it out !
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