please can you tell me how to promote cpa offers

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I work with cpagrip and I don't know what the best to promote my offers
someone tell me use facebook ads ?? please tell me

and thank you for every one help me
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    Facebook works.. You could also reach out to your am to give you some ideas on how to promote specific offers if you have some specific interests
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    i need to promote gaming offers
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      Originally Posted by dahrane View Post

      i need to promote gaming offers
      If you want to promote gaming offers AdscendMedia has a nice handful of itune (IOS) download offers. They have some Android and PC, but mainly IOS.
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    Learning to promote CPA offers isn't a 1-2-3 step process unfortunately, it some time and trail + error.

    What I would suggesting doing is picking 1 traffic source, for example Facebook Ads, and start reading all you can on it until you have mastered it.

    Also scan the new post in this forum for ideas for your traffic source and in general as well.
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    I used to work for a company that does performance campaigns, meaning they promote CPA offers. Here's their short and sweet strategy: run retargeting campaigns using RTB or retargeting companies. They spend so much money on media buys, around $70K per campaign. But the ROI is 300%-600%.

    For me, retargeting is the best way to promote CPA offers but you have to be able to insert retargeting pixels into the landing page of the offer.
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    Just create application directory site and promote your site via search engine ads like Google, Bing, Yahoo. So you can earn more profit.

    Publisher at Adattract, Mobpartner.

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    I'm on the flipside of the coin here. I have a PC Gaming software product and I'm looking for websites to promote me!
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    There's no ultimate 'best' way to promote CPA offers. Your best bet is to do some research to determine a strategy that you think you could make work. Figuring out how much money you're willing to spend is a pretty necessary decision as well.
    Increase your revenue and earn a $1000 bonus as a new affiliate at!

    For additional advice and industry happenings, head over to MaxBounty's Blog!
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    I guess, content locker and link locker will be the best way to promote CPA offers because it converts the best and make you much more money than any other advertising.
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