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by mmarc
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Hi Guys

What could I expect from my first 90 days with CPA? I am looking to take it seriously (action, education, mastermind). I have done affiliate marketing for the last 3 years (4 figures p/m). I have done paid advertising (PPC, solos, banners). What shall I expect from my first 90 days? and what route would you recommend for a beginner like me?

Big thanks for all tips and resources.
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    No one can exactly tell what kind of result you will get. The only way to find out is to test it. But since you already have success in affiliate marketing, then CPA marketing will be easier for you because CPA offers convert easier than pay per sale products. But it depends on the offer you are promoting. You can always check odigger or offervault for CPA offers from different networks. Anywhere, good luck mate.....


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    Hey mmarc..

    We are absolutely similar in our experience so far.. I have been seeing some real good success with affiliate marketing however haven't started up with CPA marketing..

    Don't you think though CPA marketing is just another form of affiliate marketing?

    If you have done PPC then it shouldn't be hard at all to crack the code for CPA marketing as I heard so many people saying CPA is way easier than affiliate marketing as there's not direct sale involved!
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  • In 90 day you could expect to make $0 per day. You can also expect to make $10000 a day. Both are true!

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