Tracking making my ears bleed

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I've been working through a CPA course and I've just been 'stuck' for like a week and despite lots of searching everything seems to lead back to deep technical quagmires.

What do you do when you can't sort something within a few days (apart from ask on here of course LOL)?

I guess we all get 'blocks' to progress just wondered what people tend to do.

The specific problem is putting tracking 202 codes into word press blog (which is key to the strategy)


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    "I've just been 'stuck' for like a week".
    Is that your TOTAL study time. Dude, people go to college for 3 yrs spend $150K and try to get a job where they can make $50k per year.

    You study and get stuck for one week and come here complaining. Unless you have more patience for study, you are going to burn your cash and disappear from here. I can guarantee that.

    First read few authority works like perry marshall ebook.
    When amit mehta opens his ppc classroom get in atleast for a month. Usually it is free. Study for atleast 3 months before even dreaming up of making a dollar in this.

    Good luck.
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      Can anyone help me with my specific question regarding adding JS to Wordpress. Would be appreciated.

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    I'm pretty sure they can answer that, (and already have), on their support forums.

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      Google it putting tracking 202 codes into word press blog

      you will reach here Tracking Wordpress Landing Pages With Prosper202 |
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        Hey Mike,

        I tried a whole bunch of different plug-ins to make it work with WP... I couldn't get it to work, would break my theme.

        So I went and got the Word Press Sales Pages, there's a WSO for $25...

        They're really cool and allow you to do some nice landing pages with WP. You can even get a plug-in that hides your pages so you can use them for PPC and still have the rest of the blog posts to get a killer QS.

        I now use Affiliate Prophet, Prosper202, and Piwik Analytics on my sales pages all on WP.

        The other thing that has worked for me is just putting the code in the footer of the blog. Now the cool part about that is you can see where your visitors have gone step by step through your blog...

        If you have more than one page for them to go to... It provides some nice market intelligence if you can find a typical pattern for most of your visitors, then you can market to them based on what they are really looking for.

        Anyway, hope that helps out some.

        Good luck,

        [WSO] Easy WordPress Blog Setup Security Built-in from the Start
        [WSO] Ad Trackr Code Manager (WP Plug-in) - Easily Setup Ad Tracking on Your WP Blogs...
        Ask Your Ad Tracking Questions or Prosper202 Questions - Get a Quick Response

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          Thanks for the responses. Yeah I found the 'Nickcakes' post and I got nowhere with that and then another plugin that allows JS to be inserted but I couldn't get it to work.

          I think my IM knowledge is pretty good but my WP and tracking skills are still minimal.

          Thanks for the info Derek I will definately have a look at that.
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    Like he said, just edit the WP Theme and drop the javascript snippet in before the </body> tag.
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    Are you talking about the Google Analytics plug in? You activated it, input your UA number and it's not working on Google's end? Go into your WP Admin area and pull up the plug in settings. Go to Advance Settings. Click on Track the Administrator too. Then save and close out. Go back to Analytics and it should work.
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      It's tracking code that Tracking 202 supply so you have a subID.

      It marks a visitor on the way in and a php file on the way out so when you go back to the network they give you the subID and you can then get all the data for the sale.

      I'll get there, I'm sure there's a couple of years in CPA still LOL.
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