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Hello my friends

can promote clickbank products directly by bing ads or must use landing page?

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    You can via meta refresh. Or Landing page work great. For direct linking read Promoting Affiliate Offers with Bing Ads

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    I have gone direct before and never had a problem
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    If you want to put your clickbank hoplink it never have any problem. But in order to beat the competition you need to create the landing page , just make sure it's attractive.
    With landing pages you can build your client email adresses list to promote other products in future.
    So ,you're not wasting your paid traffic.
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    I was an attraction marketer n decided lately to move towards diect markwting approach. Facebook can be good if you have a lot of followers on your fan page or personal profile. Maybe try some groups also. Landing pages do work well also.
    My site Tips For Social Media Marketing, and I am giving away an eBook on how to generate more traffic to your site.
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    You don't HAVE to use a lander but trust me using lander will make it absolutely work it for you by adding in whole lot of conversions that otherwise you'd have missed..

    Of course you can simply direct link it too..

    Best luck!
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    Also a squeeze page and work great with ClickBank, build a list and promote the top products in the niche. You can really maximize profits like this.
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      Originally Posted by Greedy View Post

      Also a squeeze page and work great with ClickBank, build a list and promote the top products in the niche. You can really maximize profits like this.
      By using squeeze pages you first capture the email address and then sell the products in auto responders?
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    You can easily promote by direct linking on Bing.
    However, its better you use a squeeze page and capture your visitors emails so that you can build a list and promote more products to them.
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    Does list building work better for lead generation or small payout CPA offers or it's best used for selling products?
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    Direct linking works with Bing. I've got some guys doing this with good ROI

    Looking for high quality solo ad traffic? 200-2000 clicks available/day. Testimonials here. PM me

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    I have used Bings ads and never had a problem with direct linking to an affiliate sales page.

    I understandthe prevailing recomendation is to us a landing page and capture the email address, build your list and than market to the customer, ideally multiple times. The thing I do NOT understand is WHY this works. For me, as a consumer, if I click on an ad and it takes me to an offer for what I clicked on I will than consider that offer. But if I click an ad and it takes me to a squeeze page telling me I need to submit my email to later get to the offer I am looking for I would NEVER do this. It is NOT what I clicked for, it is another hurdle to get over to get what I want and I would go away. I do not want to get my email on someone's list if I am looking for the offer promised by the ad I clicked on.
    It must just be me perhaps ???
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      DWaters, I feel the same way! I know i should use a landing/squeeze page because that's all I hear about, but it feels like it would put off too many people. If the product page is as good as the vendors say they are, why not dump traffic right to it? However, it seems to me that dumping traffic right to the product isn't working very well. People say it's like pouring water into a sink with out the stopper in. Maybe they are right. I've had dismal luck with list building though so I can't say one way or another; maybe I just haven't nailed it yet. I have read though that for the most part, people don't buy immediately; even when using transactional keywords such as "where to buy x." They have to be warmed up to the idea over a period of time.

      My question for the forum would be, what should the carrot be when using a landing page like this? I've read that you should offer a free report or e-book; something to entice the visitors to cough up their email address. But it seems counter-intuitive to do that in this scenario.

      For instance, if you have an ad that says something like "Discover how 5 million people have lost 15 pounds with this revolutionary new weight loss program", okay they click on it and consider the following 2 scenarios:

      1. Direct Link: They land on the vendor's product page that is the marvel of 5 million people having lost 15 pounds with a nice video and what not.

      2. Landing Page: They land on a squeeze page offers them a free generic e-book on weight loss if they provide an email address.

      Now.. it seems to me scenario #1 would be a better experience thus provide a higher conversion rate. They clicked on an add about something and they are seeing exactly what they clicked on.

      Scenario #2 seems like a a bad experience because they are not getting what they clicked on. Unless you adjust the ad to promote your free e-book. But then you lose alot of the glamour that the CB product offers.

      So again, my question is, what should the carrot be that would liven up scenario #2.

      If someone could provide an example of a real squeeze page for a clickbank product that actually earns some money, that would be freaking gold!!
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    Good post. I would say it works because they say most people have to see an offer 7-10 times before they will spend any money on it. I always wondered why it would work to sell multiple products as well but if you have quality products & they are making money as well, why not right


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    Bing Ads allows direct linking affiliate offers just as long as the offer page doesn't have any exit pops or autoplaying videos.
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