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Sorry for the very vague title I will try and be more specific in terms of what I need help with.

I have a website selling an ebook for $45 and a higher priced package that includes the ebook and training videos for $100

I can afford to invest some money into this, nothing crazy but I can afford to go the paid traffic route and am unsure where to start,

Looking at google adwords the suggested PPC price in my niche is between $5-$11 which is obviously very expensive if I am hoping to convert people for a $45 (initially) product, I figured that just rules me out of the whole PPC world. But then I thought there are plenty of people selling products below $100 and they are using PPC so there must be a way.

So what would be a good place to start?

Facebook seems to have better advertising rates.

Then there are CPA campaigns, which make more sense to me as I am only paying out once someone signs up. But most of the CPA brokers I have looked at all seem to have people promoting products in the IM niche.

I am in the financial/investment area.

Any starting points would be very helpful thanks
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    I'll give you a very good tip: Stick to Adwords ... but bid on our the brand names, product names, trademarks and keywords of identical or similar very ebooks and training videos in your market. These type of keywords will convert very well but at a fraction of the cost of your generic ones. You just have to tweak your ads and ensure the main keywords are in the headline with a compelling body text so you get a high CTR. That strategy has always performed for very well

    Read my incredible story: www.affiliatechamp.co.uk
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    That sounds a great tip Nick. Thank you

    Would love to hear more if anyone has them
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    I'd recommend Adwords as well. Don't intimidated by the CPC estimates you get. There are very vague and lower CPC's can be achieved with high Page quality scores, good ad copies, High CTR's etc. Give it a go and see what you get $45 per sale is a lot to play with, I'm sure you can make it work!
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    Adwords has higher prices for sure but it has really awesome quality traffic too, I will stick with adwords too!
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