How to make adsense account with no hassle?

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Can any one suggest that how to create google adsense account without any hassle?
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    Focus on your website content. Write Unique and rich content. Because Rich and unique content is plays a major role to get approved by Adsense.

    Technology Blog@

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      Follow Google Adsense Terms of Service

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    When you create a Blogger account, Google gives you the option of activating AdSense. Once activated, you have your AdSense account.

    Create a nice Blogger blog and it should be no problem.

    I made a 1-page blog on business with a single post of about 1,000 words and was approved without a problem.

    Here is a link to the info at Blogger:

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    Follow what GOOGLE wants to a T and you will be Fine.
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    Apply with a blogger blog with some unique and well written articles.
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      I would suggest you to register your own domain and host it either on blogger or your own hosting, have 15-30 well written unique articles, do some optimization to have more organic visitor flow rather than referral traffic( use google analytics to see your visitor stats) and then apply for adsense!!! I assure you there will be no problem!!
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    as vishwa said, you focus should only be on content quality and they overall experience, it will automatically help you create account safely!
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