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What are the guidelines for cpa marketing with copeac? I have been a member for some months but have done nothing with it. Now I am getting interested but do not know the guidelines. I have been looking for a direct link to some of the offers but all of them are banners and none of them give me a direct link. How would I go about article marketing. Would I put a direct link from the article to the offer page or would i send them to a website with reviews? Just not sure how to do this. Please advise...Thanks in advance...
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    Hmm..yes, I have been studying all of the forums...this one..dp..other ones as well..even read bunches of on..but for some reason that question has never been answered...anyhow...I'll find out somewhere...

    Actually, I have been working on a site...MOST of the time..heh..
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    Suggestion. Stop going to DP, now. Shite forum full of scammers. FYI, there are scammers here, too, but it's a much better forum. Just be wary.
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    Originally Posted by howlinghawk View Post

    Don't spend most of your time reading and analising. GO, do something with your CPA. If you fail make another account!

    Amazing, you just spoke my mind, brother
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    Social bookmarks generating really good traffic, specially stumble upon
    No Cost Diet? << Yes, IT is Possible!
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    First read a free report by gauher chaudhry or some ebook on adwords. Perry marshall book or Adwords for dummies are not bad either.
    Don't look for someone spoon feeding you here.
    If you know basics, and then if you have a question, people try to answer.

    another good site: by Amit mehta.
    OR buy Jeremy palmer blackink project for $77
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