my account on hold [] please help

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Yesterday I added 100$ through my Credit Card. in my 7search account.
But today my account on hold. Please can how can i fix this problem? I setup some campaigns! and i'm waiting all the time

this is the msg :
You can validate your credit cards in one of the following ways:

Self-Validation via a small random charge (between $0.50 and $2.50) that you will need to confirm. To use this method, proceed to the list of your credit cards and click on the [start/complete self validation] links located to the right of the card information.

Verbally with a 7Search Customer Service Representative who will call you at the billing phone number you provided: XXXXXXXX.

is it possible to validate my Card by just emailing them ??

thank you soo much for you help
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    I think they are telling to self validate the card from your accounts section
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    just verify , or send in a support ticket , my account was on hold but it was solve right after i verify my email .
    Possible the email on your paypal is different from your 7search account .
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    I would try their support ticket for sure, most of the times it gets sorted out real quick..
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    Just contact them, I believe this is just a security check that happens after you spend $x amount or charge $x amount
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    Just choose Self-Validation method. They will $0.50 to $2.50 from your credit card. Then you will see your statement that how much 7search cut from your credit card. Then come to your 7search account and verify the amount. That's it. The amount will be added to your credits in your account.
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