Is a Lead Cap of 50 for a CPA offer bad?

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Hey guys. One of my networks best offers has a lead cap of 50, meaning I can only send 50 leads day per day before my tracking link doesn't work. I'm new to CPA and not sure if this number is particularly low for daily testing. I'll be rotating ads and landers with traffic from Social media.
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    I'm assuming with that cap that it pays out about $1.60?

    I guess it could be a higher paying offer. Regardless, I
    don't see why that would be an issue. If you're hitting
    50 leads a day you should be getting some decent
    analytics in exchange... I've only worked with capped
    CPA offers twice I believe, but I never felt the cap got
    in the way of testing personally.

    Also, if you're doing that much testing it may be worth
    finding a similar CPA offer and doing tests on both to make
    sure it converts better anyway.
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    I'm not a fan of lead caps, but it can be for several reasons. If you start to drive traffic and show your leads are good, then they might increase this for you.
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      Just work on quality, if the advertiser likes the traffic quality your network will be able to increase the cap, ask your AM if you can get more cap, if they say no ask what can improve quality for the advertiser so you can get more.

      Might also be worth asking if any other publishers have had their cap increased

      You should be able to get plenty of data with 50 leads a day
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    Is there a reason for them capping you at 50 per day? Ask if they just want to test your lead quality first, and if it's good you can scale up? They might have a short-term cap imposed just to test the waters and get some merchant feedback first.

    Best to ask your Affiliate Manager but I'm sure this is an individual short-term cap which can be lifted.

    Read my incredible story:
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    Lead caps are fairly common in CPA, I would let it discourage you from using any offer. But I would in contact with your AM to see what they are looking for to lift the cap?

    Sometimes they want to see quality, sometimes they just want to see you can do volume the volume.

    But start off slow and build the campaign from there. I don't let caps turn me away from offers.
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    if you hit that cap for couple of days in a row and ask your AM to hook you up, they might be able to to verify your leads a lot faster and hook you up..
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    I think that cap is to verify the quality of traffic ,and if quality is good it might get lifted .
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    Lead Cap come from the control their budget. So, its okay to ask for a bump payout.
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