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Does anyone know any major CPA Networks (E.g Commision Junction) I can start out with?

The problem I had in the past was getting past CJ's application stage. Are there any specific guidelines I must meet to be able to qualify on CJ?

If anyone has an knowledge of any CPA Networks where there is no application process involved that would be awesome.
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    ya will be approved right when you applied..
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    I just checked. CJ does infact have an application process:

    Commission Junction - Advertiser application process

    How did you all get approved right away?
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      yeah CJ was the very first network i got approved by. i didnt even have a website back then, just put and got approved pretty much instantly.
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    c2m, ads4dough, hydra and copeac are very strong networks.
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    I was also approved at CJ without a website or anything
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    All CPA networks want to know a little about you, because there are so many crooks on the internet.

    They want contact info etc....

    You'll greatly improve your chances of being accepted if you can show them your website, especially if it's an IM site.
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    CJ is not really a cpa network, it is more of an affiliate network, you should look at the list on the top of the forum of cpa networks and apply to those..
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    There is a thread How To Get Accepted Into Any CPA Network that you might be interested in reading. Like it was mentioned above, CJ is not really a CPA network.
    Maxbounty, Neverblue, Azoogle, Hydra, CPA Empire are some popular CPA Networks

    Pam Jackson
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    Yeah, definitely try out Hydra, copeac, cxdigital, bluephoenixmedia, ads4dough (though they're a smaller company and it's harder to get into), pepperjam has some great offers, etc.

    You will have to apply for each one, and will have to be approved, but there's almost no CPA networks that you don't have to be approved into.
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    The thing about CPA networks is that you need to be prepared when you apply. There are some great threads listed above but as long as you know the game and how it works, you get fly by every application process.

    Just put in the 20 minutes of research to learn what to say, what you will be asked, how you should resposnd, etc.

    PM if you have any problems
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      Try MarketLeverage there good always helpful

      Most cpa networks will call you to ask some questions eg:

      How many unique s a month do you get?
      How do you get traffic?
      How long have you been doing Internet Marketing?
      What has worked for you in the past?
      What vertical/category/kind of offer you want to promote, or have promoted in the past?
      Do you offer incentives?
      How much do you spend on advertising?
      Do you work with other network, which ones?
      How did you hear about us?

      or something similar

      Write down what you are going to say and just be confident when they call.

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    Yep, they are mostly looking to make sure people arent doing anything funny like blackhat deception stuff. As long as you are towards the white, you will be good to go!
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    If any CPA network automatically accepts you and then they instantly gives you access to all their offers, I would actually be skeptical of that network.

    When you talk to these cpa companies, whether they call you or you call them, take control of the conversation. Don't just let them fire questions out at you and try to intimidate you, ask them questions and it throws them off a little.

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    I like Maxbounty a lot. I can tell you that with any of the reputable networks, a phone call is almost a given. You have to sound confident and know what you're talking about when discussing things with the AM (affiliate manager), and I suggest that you do some research on the thread here so that you don't blow your chances before you even start. I also highly recommend calling them back before they can even call you, as this shows initiative and proactive behavior on your part, as long as you sound like you know what you're talking about!
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